When is it too late to run pre-holiday testing?

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For those needing to test their sites/applications in anticipation of the upcoming holiday spike, the window of opportunity is rapidly closing (I am writing this blog post in the final 7 days of October).  There are two things that you should take into account when making a testing decision:

  1. If you run a test and find that you need to perform remediations, is there still enough time to make those remediations prior to the start of the upcoming spike?
  2. If your spike has already started, it may be too late even if no remediations are needed just because you do not want to impact your holiday traffic in any negative way (such as with a load test).

Of course, there is a lot of gray area and you need to weigh all factors.

For most retailers, there is still time to get that testing done.  Get started immediately – and make a note to start the process earlier next year.

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