At its most basic, load testing is the act of generating traffic against a site.  The site’s response is measured, and a report is generated that shows in great detail exactly what happened. Various levels of load are used, depending on the question to be answered. It is important to note that terminology in the […]

In my first blog post for FTL Metrics, I want to cover the importance of keyword checks and database inserts as they apply to performance testing your web application(s). Keyword Checks: Most load test software will check the response code from the server and compare it to the response that was received when recording the […]

Yesterday, Amazon had its second annual “Prime Day”, and like last year there were a lot of problems for customers, potential customers and Amazon itself.  Starting early in the morning, we started to hear that visitors to Amazon’s site were having shopping cart issues.  Other issues that were talked about had to do with codes […]