Start Your Performance/Load Testing Early!

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If you know that there is an event coming up that will increase traffic to your website, it is best to begin testing as early as possible.  By “event”, I mean things like marketing campaigns, an appearance on a national television show, or the approach of certain holidays.

While it often takes very little time to determine that you have a problem, remediating that problem can often take months. Also, be aware that fixing a bottleneck will always expose another bottleneck that was hiding beneath the one that you fixed.  Often, you will need to a number of tests in order to isolate and fix enough issues that performance and scalability are significantly improved.

Examples of Issues with Quick Fixes:

  • A missing or out-of-date database index
  • Portions of an application that would benefit from implementing a caching scheme
  • A configuration issue is limiting bandwidth

Examples of Issues with Time-Consuming Fixes:

  • Large sections of application code need to be refactored
  • Database needs to be restructured
  • Servers need to be replaced and/or added
  • Static content needs to be moved to a CDN

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