At FTL Metrics, we are very particular about the companies that we partner with. We are interested in partners that compliment the services that we provide - and, where we can compliment their services as well. In addition, we only consider partnering with companies that have a love of excellence - and a need to go above and beyond in making their customers successful.

The partners below are great examples.

Our Partners:

All Application Development Services Marketing Software
Troy Web Consulting is the software development partner of choice for companies that want to optimize their business processes and customer experiences with efficient, secure and reliable software solutions. Whether you need to update and integrate legacy systems with leading-edge technologies or design and build custom application solutions from the ground up, Troy Web Consulting is the team to rely…
CHDS provides database services, migration to the Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google) from NoSql (MongoDb, Cassendra) databases, big data (Cloudera and HortonWorks) to more traditional approach with Microsoft Sql Server, Oracle, PostGreSql. We also help our clients throughout compliance requirements (PCI-DSS, SOC II, GDPR). We can assist you in your Data science projects, BI projects, both for development and architecture consulting…
A social first digital content and marketing agency that focuses on creative storytelling across multiple platforms. They use insights through branded content to build creative campaigns that drive actual business results. A collection of marketers, designers and brand evangelists who have a passion for solving challenging issues and have fun along the way.
OctoPerf is based on proven open-source solutions: JMeter™ for the load testing engine and Rancher for load injector orchestration. High code quality and 100% test coverage allows them to maintain a high pace of feature releases.
Solutions for shifting-left, moving to DevOps, or any digital transformation that gets thrown your way. Over 3 million developers, testers and operation teams use SmartBear products to deliver the world’s best applications. Transform the way your organization thinks about software quality with their powerful product portfolio.