It is a Series of Small Steps that Lead to Big Performance Gains (POST 01 – INTRO)

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It is always surprising to me how much room for improvement even the largest of companies have when it comes to Web performance! There are many reasons why sites remain unoptimized – but, not one of the companies owning those sites would choose to have a site that under-performs. Mostly, they have just been overcome by circumstance.

We all know that it is easier to take small steps than to mount a major offensive. Because of that, I want to put together a series of blog posts that tackle the issue of performance and scalability one topic at a time. Each post will look at one aspect of web performance and outline some clear steps to improvement. There are many areas to look at and making improvements in each of these areas will improve your overall performance.

I believe that it is important to raise awareness of:

  1. The importance of Web application performance
  2. How to determine how well your site is currently performing
  3. How to improve performance
  4. The need to retest your site after remediation to determine success/failure

It is also important to realize that improving performance is a task that is never complete. It is a never-ending cycle of planning/testing/remediation. Each iteration makes improvements.

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