IMAGES: One of the most obvious things that you can do to improve the performance of your website is to optimize the images that it uses. Afterall, the larger an image, the longer it will take to transfer to your browser. However, to really optimize the images on your site, you need to look at […]

It is always surprising to me how much room for improvement even the largest of companies have when it comes to Web performance! There are many reasons why sites remain unoptimized – but, not one of the companies owning those sites would choose to have a site that under-performs. Mostly, they have just been overcome […]

One of the latest and most visible examples of a site that is suffering due to its own success. As the prices of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum crypto currencies have soared, the number of buys and sells on Coinbase have gone “through the roof”. Because of this trade volume, Coinbase and it’s customers have experienced […]

From all appearances, Macy’s website was unable to support the number of shoppers that visited this Black Friday. A number of different messages were presented to visitors: A message advising of a “temporary shopping jam”, and then presenting a 10-second countdown before letting visitors in. Many visitors reported that the site threw additional errors after […]

One way that you can make your performance tests more realistic is to run multiple scripts at the same time – forming one test representing a blend of use cases.  Afterall, all of the visitors to your website do not follow the same set of steps upon arrival and there may be a variety of […]

For those needing to test their sites/applications in anticipation of the upcoming holiday spike, the window of opportunity is rapidly closing (I am writing this blog post in the final 7 days of October).  There are two things that you should take into account when making a testing decision: If you run a test and […]

If you know that there is an event coming up that will increase traffic to your website, it is best to begin testing as early as possible.  By “event”, I mean things like marketing campaigns, an appearance on a national television show, or the approach of certain holidays. While it often takes very little time […]

At its most basic, load testing is the act of generating traffic against a site.  The site’s response is measured, and a report is generated that shows in great detail exactly what happened. Various levels of load are used, depending on the question to be answered. It is important to note that terminology in the […]

In my first blog post for FTL Metrics, I want to cover the importance of keyword checks and database inserts as they apply to performance testing your web application(s). Keyword Checks: Most load test software will check the response code from the server and compare it to the response that was received when recording the […]

Yesterday, Amazon had its second annual “Prime Day”, and like last year there were a lot of problems for customers, potential customers and Amazon itself.  Starting early in the morning, we started to hear that visitors to Amazon’s site were having shopping cart issues.  Other issues that were talked about had to do with codes […]