When judging the speed and stability of your website, users will undoubtedly use your homepage as a proxy for the performance of your entire web application. This is for several obvious reasons. Your homepage–in nearly every instance—is the first impression that your users (and potential customers) encounter. The old adage that “your first impression is […]

As the owner or operator of a website, one of the most important tasks on your plate is maintaining the speed and stability of your site. Studies have shown that a slow or unresponsive website leads to a loss of users and loss of potential revenue. So clearly, it is in the best interest of […]

If you are the owner of a website, chances are that you are juggling a wide range of tasks. Those tasks include ensuring that your website’s copy is compelling, that all website updates are going out on time, and that you are doing everything possible to secure user data on your site. It can be […]

From all appearances, Macy’s website was unable to support the number of shoppers that visited this Black Friday. A number of different messages were presented to visitors: A message advising of a “temporary shopping jam”, and then presenting a 10-second countdown before letting visitors in. Many visitors reported that the site threw additional errors after […]

There are steps that can be taken to make sure your site is performing optimally.  Improvements can always be made. As an example: Someone who has a WordPress site might think that there is nothing they can do to increase performance.  Their site performance is-what-it-is.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  A short list […]

For those needing to test their sites/applications in anticipation of the upcoming holiday spike, the window of opportunity is rapidly closing (I am writing this blog post in the final 7 days of October).  There are two things that you should take into account when making a testing decision: If you run a test and […]

As the owner or administrator of a website, you must monitor the performance of your website. It has been said many times, but it is worth saying again: a slow website can lead to fewer users, higher bounce rates, and potentially lower sales. This is a dark future and one that you should do everything […]