A Different Take on Amazon’s Prime Day

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Yesterday, Amazon had its second annual “Prime Day”, and like last year there were a lot of problems for customers, potential customers and Amazon itself.  Starting early in the morning, we started to hear that visitors to Amazon’s site were having shopping cart issues.  Other issues that were talked about had to do with codes not working and with sale prices reverting to “normal” price.

Also, starting early yesterday was an angry backlash at Amazon.  Lots of negative comments, many using language I won’t repeat here, were posted online.  The hashtag #PrimeDayFail was dusted off from last year and was making the rounds as well.

Contrary to much of the comments and posts in reference to the Prime Day event, it seems like things were much better than last year.  Amazon was quick to respond, and by noon it seems the site was functioning well.  Even the websites of Giants like Amazon can stumble during heavily marketed events.  Amazon had problems last year and had a whole year to make sure that this year’s event went off flawlessly.  You can be sure that a lot of effort went into making that happen.  That effort was not wasted – it could have been worse – but, clearly there are always additional things to check, test and retest.

Companies both large and small need to test continuously in order to avoid  disaster when faced with a successful marketing campaign.  You will not avoid all potential problems, but you will be better off than you would be otherwise.

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